This annual security report is prepared and distributed by the Director of the Physical Plant in compliance with The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act and Drug-Free Campus/Drug-Free Workplace legislation.  It contains crime and arrest statistics as well as information about campus policies and practices intended to promote crime awareness, campus safety and security.  By October 1 of every year, all current students and employees are sent an email message providing them with the link to this report and notification that the current edition of the annual 安全 Report has been posted on the St. Mary’s Seminary & University website. Current or prospective students may obtain a copy of this report by visiting the website at


Report all crimes that occur on campus to:

Director Physical Plant: cell 443-802-5684
Vice President for Finance and Administration 410-864-4271


Vice Rector: 410-864-3604 School of Theology
Associate Dean of St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute: 410-864-4204 St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute


  • 安全


St. Mary’s Seminary & University is committed to making the institution a safe place for students, staff, and faculty.  A security guard, stationed at or near the front entrance, is on duty Monday through Thursday beginning at 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.  The guard is available for concerns about safety, escorts to cars, and other security matters. All students and faculty are required to wear an identification badge during the evening class hours.  This badge is issued at the beginning of each term, to gain entrance to the building and while inside the building.  The guard is instructed to ask for this identification before granting anyone access to the building.


The U.S. Department of Education requires that St. Mary’s Seminary & University maintain records of criminal offenses occurring on campus, and publish and distribute this information to seminarians and employees.  Seminarians are to report to the Vice Rector and students of St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute are to report to the Associate Dean all known or suspected crimes that occur on campus.  In a written report, include the following information:  the name of the person reporting the

crime; the nature of the crime; the time and place of its occurrence; and the victim(s) (if any) of the crime.  Also indicate if administrators or police were contacted at the time the crime was reported.

我们鼓励所有居民非常谨慎,意识到潜在的火灾隐患,例如,蜡烛不是在房间允许的。任何学生,教师或工作人员谁检测的建设应掀起了最近的内部消防报警立即致电消防署(911或向运营商进行连接),冒烟或起火。内部报警不报警的消防部门。学生,教师或工作人员不得试图灭火,除非它是一个次要的性质。 ST。玛丽的仅承载在神财产火灾保险。

If a resident is in his room when the alarm rings, he should leave immediately and close, but not lock, the door behind him. Residents and all persons should take all fire alarms seriously.  Fire drills should be treated as if they are real emergencies.   Normally, in case of an alarm, the building is evacuated by the front doors, near the Periodi­cal Room of the Library, the Informa­tion Office and the Main Dining Room.  If these entrances are blocked by flame or smoke, residents and all persons should take the nearest open exit but proceed to the front of the building so that all can be accounted for. In the event of a fire, the center of communica­tions will be the middle of the front parking lot.  A log of fire drills is kept on file in the Information Office under the direction of the Director of Physical Plant.

  • 禁止抽烟

To promote the general health and well-being of the entire house as well as to promote house-wide fire safety, St Mary’s Seminary and University is a non-smoking facility.  Smoking is, therefore, prohibited in all public and private areas inside the seminary building, including student dormitory rooms.  Smoking, however, is permitted at specific designated areas on campus.  These three areas are to be found behind the seminary in the two inner courtyards as well as the patio outside the Donnelly Lounge. There are cigarette bins provided in each designated smoking area.  It is expected that each smoker dispose of his cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and other tobacco products appropriately in these specified containers.


St. Mary’s Seminary & University mandates criminal background checks for all students, faculty, and staff.  St. Mary’s requests Social 安全 Verification, Residency History, Maryland Statewide Criminal Search, and Nationwide Sex Offender reports for each student. Additional information as to the nature and scope of the criminal background reports, as well as a summary of a student’s rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, is provided to students who request this information in writing.  Any student who has had such a background check in the last three (3) years may submit a copy to be used as a waiver for the required background check.

Questions about this policy should be addressed to the Vice Rector at 410-864-3604 or for the School of Theology and to the Associate Dean of St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute at 410-864-4200 or




The following policy statement on substance abuse should be read in the context of St. Mary’s Seminary & University’s mission of priestly formation and theological education, and in light of the various policies and handbooks of the institution.  The issues of alcohol abuse and illicit drug use have important implications both for individuals and for the institution.

The unlawful use, possession, manufacture, dispensing or distri­bution of alcohol or illicit drugs on the premises of St. Mary’s Seminary & University or as part of any of its activities is strictly prohibited. The abuse of alcohol and the use of illegal drugs can cause serious harm to oneself including impaired judgment, addiction, mental and physical illness, irreversible damage to the central nervous system and, in some cases, death.

Violators of St. Mary’s policy on substance abuse are subject both to civil prosecution and to other penalties imposed by St. Mary’s Seminary & Univer­sity.  In imposing its own penalties, St. Mary’s will take account of the nature of the violation(s), the individual’s record, and other circumstances pertinent to the case.  Such penalties may include, but are not limited to, disciplinary reprimand, referral for prosecution, mandatory treatment, probation, tempo­rary suspension, expulsion or dismissal from the program.

Only beer and wine are permitted in the Donnelly Lounge and on its patio except for special occasions as determined by the administration of the seminary.)

St. Mary’s Seminary & University prohibits the use of alcoholic bever­ages on campus except at approved locations and during approved social events.  St. Mary’s prohibits the use of alcohol by individuals under 21 years of age and the abuse of alcohol by any seminarian or employee on its premises or as part of its activities.  Alcoholic beverages of any sort may not be kept or consumed in seminarian rooms or dormitory areas.


St. Mary’s Seminary & University prohibits and will not tolerate violent acts or threats of violence against another person’s life, health, well-being, family, or property.  St. Mary’s also prohibits the bringing of or possessing of weapons and/or ammunition on the premises, including in vehicles, except by authorized officers of the law and security officers.


St. Mary’s Seminary & University prohibits discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, genetic information, or any other legally protected classification in any of its educational programs and activities or with respect to admission or employment. The designated Section 504 Coordinator is Paula Thigpen, University Registrar, 410/864-3605 (  The designated Title IX Coordinator is Elizabeth Visconage, Vice-President of Human 资源, 410/864-4261 (


St. Mary’s has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Baltimore City Police Department for its Sexual Misconduct Policy.



The St. Mary’s Seminary & University (“Seminary”) community fully supports all local, state, and federal laws prohibiting rape, sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking. It is the responsibility of all students, faculty, and staff to be aware of and adhere to these laws. Further, it is our expectation that members of the Seminary community will respect the rights and dignity of all persons.

This Sexual Misconduct Policy is in furtherance of the Seminary’s obligations, pursuant to Title IX, to take immediate action to eliminate sexual harassment, including sexual misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects.

神学院 strictly prohibits sexual misconduct, which for the purposes of this policy includes:




盯梢: Engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to fear for the person’s safety or the safety of others; or suffer substantial emotional distress.


  1. 如果你认为你是不当性行为的受害者,我们鼓励你报告该事件的副校长。你会被要求给予副校长发表声明,FR。在410-864-3604(修)ED Griswold的或准EI院长,博士。拍拍fosarelli在410-864-4204(EI学生)在那个时候。如果EI学生不觉得到副院长EI他们可以向副校长汇报汇报舒适。
  2. 如果你认为你是不当性行为的受害者,但不希望将其报告给神学院进行调查,你可能会看到的心理服务学院的协调员。如果报告给该工作人员您的不当性行为的讨论都是保密的。
  3. 不超过心理服务协调其他人可以承诺或保证你保密。如果您报告不当性行为的教员或高于心理服务协调其他雇员的指控,该员工必须提供信息给副校长采取适当行动。
  4. Confidential rape crisis counseling is also available from TurnAround, Inc., located 2300 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218 ((410) 837-7000) and 401 Washington Ave., Suite 300, Towson, MD 21204 ((410) 377-8111).


  1. 一旦发现,性不当行为指控,副校长或副EI院长将立案调查,并采取必要保护有关的人的安全和情感福祉的行动,以及教育神学院的社区环境。标题IX协调会了解情况。
  2. 副校长或副院长EI将通知涉嫌提交刑事指控或拒绝这样做正确的受害者,该神学院在报道事件给相关执法人员协助。副校长也将通知所称的保护证据的重要性受害者,是一个性侵犯法医检验(安全),可在大巴尔的摩医疗中心和Mercy医疗中心进行,该神学院在提供交通协助要么医院接受安全检查或医疗保健一般。
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  4. 副校长或副院长EI也将通知所称的保护措施,如无接触订单和更改上课时间或生活安排可用性的受害者,如果这样的替代品可用,可行的。副校长也将提供的据称受害人的权利和选择的这个政策下一份书面说明指称的受害人。
  5. 神学院不会强加校园开展行动的神学院学生的任何酒精或药物的使用策略的违反谁报告不当性行为或谁参与的事件的性行为不端的调查,如果过程中出现的违规或证人附近的涉嫌不当性行为的时间,学生被确定为已作出的报告或参加了诚信调查,违反不,这是非常有可能把另一个人的健康或安全受到威胁的行为。
  6. In response to a report of sexual misconduct, the Vice Rector or Associate EI Dean will normally convene a sexual misconduct hearing panel, which will be comprised of three faculty members and the Vice Rector. Panel members will be selected by the President-Rector in consultation with the Vice Rector.  The Vice Rector and any members of the hearing panel receive training on issues related to dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, and on how to conduct an investigation and hearing process that is fair, protects the safety of victims and the campus, and promotes accountability.  No person with a conflict of interest may serve on the panel.
  7. Both the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator will be invited to present their testimony to the hearing panel. Both parties will have an equal opportunity to request that the hearing panel call relevant witnesses and to provide any other relevant evidence and information. Cross-examination is prohibited, although the parties may submit questions to the hearing panel to ask witnesses on their behalf.  Any evidence supplied by a party or upon which the panel may rely will be made available to both parties.  Both parties have the right to be accompanied to the hearing and any related meeting by the advisor of their choice.  The advisor’s role is to provide private advice and support to a party, and the advisor may not participate in the hearing or address the panel or any witnesses. The panel’s proceedings will be documented.
  8. The alleged victim and alleged perpetrator have the right to remain present during the panel’s entire hearing, but neither may be present during the panel’s deliberations, which are private.
  9. 据称受害人可以选择展示他或她的证词面板不被指控的肇事者存在。在受害人选择不向被指控的肇事者的存在提出证词的情况下,提供给面板的证词将被记录和重播被指控的肇事者听到。
  10. Statements or questions regarding the past sexual history of the victim will generally not be permissible as evidence during the hearing except as they relate to the past sexual history of the alleged perpetrator with the alleged victim.
  11. In any case in which the alleged perpetrator claims that the victim consented, the burden of proof is on the alleged perpetrator to establish consent.
  12. The degree of impairment of the alleged victim’s ability to give or withhold consent may be introduced into evidence.
  13. 在第九章,面板必须使用“的优势证据”标准(即,无论是更有可能比已经发生不是不正当性行为)。如果专家组判定该指控的肇事者违反了不正当性行为的政策,该小组将决定适当的制裁措施,其中可能包括任何涉及到社会的标准违反下列处罚。
  14. 双方将同时通知以书面听证会的结果。这通常会在听证的最后一天的五(5)个工作日内。结果的通知将包括强加给行为人投诉而产生的任何纪律处分的说明。总体而言,从最初收到的性行为不端的投诉作出决定的渲染通常需要约60个日历日内,除非神学院要求在刑事调查的证据收集阶段推迟这一政策对执法人员下道工序。
  15. 如果罪犯被发现负责的性行为不端侵犯,他或她可能会吸引以书面形式向校长校长的决定。如果小组决定,有没有违反不端性行为的政策,指称受害人也可以向以书面形式向校长校长的决定。总统校长可确认该小组的决定,扭转它,或将该事项发回重审到面板作进一步审理。总统校长的决定是最终的,除非情况已被还押作进一步审理。
  16. Any retaliation against a person who reports sexual misconduct or who participates as a witness in an investigation of sexual misconduct as a witness is strictly prohibited by the Seminary.
  17. 因为ST。玛丽是一个sulpician机构,附加程序可以颁布。此外,在这一政策的进一步推进中,学院现在有巴尔的摩市警察局,描述当神学院将把问题BPD的标题为九相一致,与国家指定强奸危机计划,该计划正式确定了神的承诺正式协议被害人和有效应对不当性行为做出回应。



All Sulpician personnel have an obligation not only to avoid Sexual Misconduct but also to attempt to prevent such misconduct and to intervene in the situation of potential risk to an identifiable victim.

All Sulpician personnel will comply with all applicable provisions of federal, state, and local law and canon law as well as the procedures outlined in this policy.

Sulpician personnel include all clerics, religious and laypersons, whether Catholic or not, who are Sulpicians, faculty members, employees of volunteers of Sulpician institutions, programs, and missions in the Province.

A copy of the full policy can be viewed in the Information Office.



  • 安全 - 电池:410-245-7215
  • Residential Health 服务 – ROOM 317 D – Contact Seminarian-infirmarian Numbers posted on the Bulletin Boards throughout the residence or call
  • 副校长410-864-3604




This report contains statistics for the previous three calendar years.  St. Mary’s Seminary & University is required to report offenses that occur on campus and on public property.

  •  “校园”是指“任何建筑物或房产拥有或控制的ST。玛丽的直接支持或涉及到神学院的教育/ formational目的,包括其居住地和支持其教育/阵型目的的机构服务”的机构服务的例子,包括但不限于,图书馆,中心继续形成,并且教堂。
  • “Public Property” means all property reasonably contiguous to St. Mary’s but that is owned by a public entity.  Examples of public property include, but are not limited to, public parking, sidewalks, and streets on or directly bordering campus.

Campus Crime Statistics Report 2017-2019